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my.CV Update – October, 2005

Over the past months, the UBC CV team has been working on expanding the number of export formats available to my.CV users, and on continuing to extend our data entry options. We're also hard at work on the UBC Expertise system for browsing and searching aggregate CV data. See below for more details on what's been happening.

Export Options

We've recently added three new options for exporting CV data: UBC CVs for Policy 51 compliance, the contributions attachment required for CIHR grant applications, and the corresponding attachment required by SSHRC. We're still working to get official approval of the generated output from the respective organizations, but we've made them available for you to use for evaluation purposes, or to check the output yourself against the university's or funding agency's requirements. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions you have about these new formats.

In the future, we intend to support NSERC grant applications in the same way as CIHR and SSHRC. We're also investigating providing a full electronic data transfer to the tri-council agencies, but it's as of yet unclear as to when this will be possible.

User Interface

We take user feedback seriously, and we're constantly updating and extending my.CV based on suggestions from our users. Here's a small sampling of improvements we've made recently in response to user requests:

  • a quicker way to add multiple authors, editors, etc at a time
  • faster exact-match entry of institutions and locations
  • simplified account delegation process
  • special handling for Okanagan University College courses and offices
  • new categories and fields, including Visiting Professorship, Community Service, invited/refereed Conference Papers, and many others

UBC Expertise

Back in March, we sent out mail to many users of my.CV asking for researchers to volunteer their data to be used in developing and demoing a pilot of the UBC Expertise system. UBC Expertise is an interactive database that allows administrators to browse, filter, mine and explore a combined view of all of the CV data that has been submitted to it. That pilot is nearing completion, and we're hoping to expand it to include a much wider cross section of researcher data in the coming months.

If you're interested in seeing a demo of the pilot system, or in finding out more about it, please contact us.