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About UBC CV

Rationale of the Project

The administration of research and teaching activities involves a great deal of information.

Researchers must maintain lists of publications, grants and other activities to keep their curriculum vitæ (CVs) up-to-date.

Administrators need to be able to use this information to perform their duties, including tasks such as grant applications, tenure and promotion decisions, and awarding honours.

The time it takes researchers and administrators to deal with this information can be immense. The UBC CV system is a set of applications designed to support these stakeholder groups. It makes it simpler for researchers to maintain and publish their CVs. And, by storing data in an easily-searchable form and providing a query interface, it also makes it simpler for administrators to manage and use the information.

For researchers

For researchers, the main hub of UBC CV is my.CV, a web-based application allowing one to enter, maintain, export and extract private CV data. Anyone with a campus-wide login (CWL) can use my.CV (Click here to login.).

Learn more about the benefits for UBC researchers.

For administrators

Administrators will have access to two administrative query interfaces within the UBC CV system: one for the Faculty/Department Annual Reporting and the other to the UBC CV interface, according to their roles and approval level.

Learn more about the benefits for UBC administrators.

The UBC CV Project is a campus-wide initiative aimed at making life (or at least the paperwork part of life) a little easier for UBC researchers and administrators.

Key Partners

UBC CV is part of the Researcher Information Services (RISe) project, and is developed by the Office of Research Services.